Frank Ocean Rant *breathes deeply to calm myself*

People who know me know I love Frank Ocean. Love him. He can do no wrong in my eyes. I was so happy and proud of him for his statement. But what’s pissing me the hell off are all these fucking idiots on Twitter trying to capitalize off of his statement and his name by creating these fucking fake accounts. 1. I hate parody accounts period. 2. This is not funny. What he did was beyond brave and it is HIS LIFE. Do NOT make a fucking joke account about that. 3. If you’re going make a parody account CALL IT A FUCKING PARODY ACCOUNT!!! One account “frank__ocean” is truly perpetrating itself as Frank! Tweeting song lyrics like “I’ve been thinking bout you.” and saying “it’s MY LIFE not yours” but is not acknowledging that it isn’t even Frank Ocean tweeting! Frank Ocean HAS a verified twitter account that he ACTUALLY uses. It truly upsets me that people are tweeting their kind and supportive words to these bullshit ass accounts when the REAL Frank Ocean is the one who needs to see them. 

In closing, boycott all parody accounts, support Frank Ocean and buy Channel Orange when it’s released on July 17th. 

That is all. 

*steps off of soap box*

07/05/12 at 9:50pm
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